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Internet of things is an interesting concept. Just Qulix – custom software development company who’s trying hard to get into this business of smart homes. And as per estimates by the end of this 2025 there almost every home on earth will be connected to the internet. And right now Qulix Smart home systems seems to have taken the lead in this smart business.

What is Internet of Things (IoT) and what are Smart Homes?

Internet of Things was just a concept a decade back, but now it is very much a real life concept. A smart home is a home where every appliance is connected to the internet and can be controlled via an app or a device.

Smart home appliances such as your air conditioning, microwave, television, and even your washing machines can be connected via the internet, and you can control them from anywhere in the world.

Qulix Smart Home Application

Quilix has developed an interesting app which can be installed on your smartphone. Once installed the user can connect and bring all smart home appliances in one Qulix Smart Home App.

Many Smart Home devices can be connected to the Qulix Smart Home App. You can connect and control your TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, lights, security system, windows, microwave, washing machines and many other smart home appliances.

With Internet of things, you can control your home from anywhere in the world.You can turn off the refrigerator or increase the level of cooling. If you ever forgot to shut the lights, now you never have to worry about going back to your home and switching them off, instead, everything is just a click away.

Watch Live Feed of your Devices

By live feed we do not mean watching the security cameras of your home from your office but we mean you can now know the everything about your devices. Like if you have a smart TV, you can know how many hours it has been used, the amount of power it uses and the most viewed channels and much more.

With everything becoming smart, we can now understand our power uses and save money by buying only the best devices. Big Data scientist is going to have a field day playing with all the crucial data that these devices will be sending out.

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At the end

While everyone is eagerly waiting for such smart homes, it is yet to be seen if such homes and devices will get popular. Although it all looks too good to be true, skeptics have their own worries about security and privacy.

Companies like Qulix Systems have made IoT application development look as simple as a child’s play, no more complex programs, and code, the Qulix app has simple and easy user interface than can be understood by anyone. With a centralized app that sends data to the cloud, we no longer depend upon one device, but you can check and control your smart home technology from any device and any country that you travel to.

What we feel is that the future is not just bright, it is smart. With smart devices and appliances, we can create a different level of eco-system that will always use optimal power and not only save a lot of money but also help our environment. Say hello to the smart era.

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An in-depth Look at zGames- Mobile Game Development Company

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The sector of science and technology has been credited with numerous improvements, with many companies coming forward to develop many technologically oriented items. The development of video games has mainly seen significant advancements with many companies emerging to occupy a particular niche in the industry. This article takes a keen look at businesses that have been in the front row for the development of video games for the past few years, mobile game development company – zGames.

The development of video games is one of the most challenging and daunting tasks that can be presented to the developers. Most enterprises in this sector have been known to take quite some years before they perfect their craft. zGames was founded by Chris Howard in 2008. Its primary focus at the time of its inception was the development of games. Also zGames provide game development outsourcing for their customers.Ever since they opened shop, they have made significant milestones such as developing both educational and augmented reality.

zGames has been a trendsetter in video development ever since it was founded; this has made them to partner with some of the household names in the sector such as Big Fish Games and Atari. They have successfully been able to release some games such as Lucky Swipe and Happy Chef. zGames has a team of in-house professionals who work together in a holistic environment using their in-house Intellectual Property software that enables them to create games in short period.

Partnering with zGames assures you of the best services together with the advice of experts who are well experienced in the field. Some of the vital services that you are guaranteed to find in their program are discussed below.

· Functional and non-functional requirements specification

· Game development document

· The architectural design aimed at finding the best solution for game mechanics.

· Performance optimization and usability testing

· Pre-revised version QA

· Unity development platform with rounds of trial and quality assurance

· Post-release maintenance support

zGames assures you of rectifying some of your daily challenges and ensure that you get the best gaming experience. They will explain to you all the critical aspects and offer sustainable suggestions that will ultimately result in positive outcome. Apart from that, they will provide you with a step by step guide that will ensure that you implement the suggestions correctly. Additionally, they will provide complete GDD that covers the design as well as the technical aspect of the game, all based on proactive, interactive sessions.

The Bottom Line

The world of gaming has indeed undergone a revolution. The emergence of video gaming companies such as zGames has provided a golden opportunity to many inpiduals to improve their skills in virtually all aspects of gaming.

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